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Gianniotiko Paradosiako
Confectionery Raw Materials Ioannina

Our products are certificated by EQA HELLAS.
The company "GIANNIOTIKO PARADOSIAKO" always attaches great importance to the high quality of the raw materials and to the use of modern machinery for their production.
After so many years of dynamic and respectful presence in the marketplace, we keep a close eye on the pace of development on the market and we continue to do even better to provide even the most demanding customer with the best products.
We distribute our items daily in hotels, restaurants, catering, cafes, canteens, mass caterers.
Our products are:
  • Fruit squeezed in 6kg boxes (for chocolate making):
  • orange washer, finger
  • bergamot finger
  • lemon finger
  • mandarin
  • sunflower flower
  • kumquat
  • nut
  • FIG

    Various other items such as:
  • orange pulp for filling in butter creams
  • vanilla jar or 6 kilos
  • sweets as decorations for decor and cherry for decor
  • syrup curd
  • candied fruits such as blanched blossom blossoms, goulash cucumbers, orange
  • cubes of orange, fig, cherry, lemon, apricot (for cakes)
  • Cocktail Cubes
  • jams with 55% fruit (apricot, orange, strawberry)