<h2>Konstantinos Triantafillou</h2><p>Traditional Sweets Ioannina</p> <h2>Products with chemical analysis certificates</h2><p>We supply our products all over Greece</p> <h2>Confectionery Raw Materials</h2><p>Excellent Product Quality</p>
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Konstantinos Triantafyllou - Traditional Sweets Ioannina - Confectionery Ingredients Ioannina

Confectionery Raw Materials {medium}

Fruits strained, orange, bergamot ...


Jams and Sweets {medium}

Grape, Amarena, Quince...

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The company "GIANNIOTIKO PARADOSIAKO" of KONSTANTINOS TRIANTAFILLOU is located in the Industrial Area of ​​Ioannina and it has been operating since 1920.
It occupies with the preparation of all sweets and raw materials of confectionery.
In modern facilities with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, we produce sweets combining the traditional way of manufacturing with modern industrial technology, offering high quality features.