<h2>Konstantinos Triantafillou</h2><p>Traditional Sweets Ioannina</p> <h2>Products with chemical analysis certificates</h2><p>We supply our products all over Greece</p> <h2>Confectionery Raw Materials</h2><p>Excellent Product Quality</p>
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The Company

Gianniotiko Paradosiako
Traditional Jams Ioannina


The company "GIANNIOTIKO PARADOSIAKO" of KONSTANTINOS TRIANTAFILLOU is located in the Industrial Area of ​​Ioannina and it has been operating since 1920.
It occupies with the preparation of all sweets and raw materials of confectionery.
In modern facilities with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, we produce sweets combining the traditional way of manufacturing with modern industrial technology, offering high quality features.
All of our products carry chemical analysis certificates to guarantee consumers.
Our factory has a large customer base that extends nationwide and supplies its products through travel agencies in many regions of Greece.
All our years of operation, our main goal is to keep the quality of our products unchanged, to provide correct and prompt service to our customers and to continuously extend our range of products in order to enjoy the whole of Greece "GIANNIOTIKO PARADOSIAKO" .